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Eon Productions"No! My moleshting arm!" Bond retaliates by throwing her to the ground, because both his authority and his manhood are being questionedThere's not a whole lot to do in spaceAnd if you're wondering why I'd think you'd be wondering that, it's because her Wildcat Speed character, Annie, went to the University of Arizona -- where she showed very little interest in sportsDid I mention that Harrison Ford played Jack Ryan up until three years before Air Force One? No part of me wants to live in a world that isn't studious to the career history of America's Grumpy Uppercut, but I thought I'd hammer that fact in for good measureUnited Artists"It was Pyro, I swear!" This makes Carrie either A) a 90-minute infomercial for Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, or B) an after-school special produced by Magneto on the dangers of not spaying and neutering your neighborhood humansKrauss) wrote an entire article for Slate about how the film is nonsense and that he appeared under false pretenses↓ Continue Reading Below Many, many favors were called in -- Richard Gere explained that the only reason he did the movie was because Wessler is the godfather of his stepdaughter, although even then Wessler waited an entire year for Gere's shooting schedule to open up, and moved the shoot from L.ASo it's plausible, and even likely, that the ending (or even the entire damn movie) occurred in the brainwashed Arnold Schwarzenegger's mind

If this film is proof of anything, it's that Pierce Brosnan was a good 007 stranded in mediocre movies and more Bond Girls need to be like Michelle Yeoh.16The Weinstein Company "I'll trade you this cool fire knife for some information!" ↓ Continue Reading Below It isn't going to take too many red-hot bowie knives to get two women with no particular loyalty to Django to completely dime him outWhy does it make the film better? The theory keeps the sci-fi film sci-fi and not heavy-handed messianic fantasyIn the original book, we get a window into Bond's inner monologue, in which he describes sex with Vesper as having the "sweet tang of rape." A sentence so bafflingly vile that NASA may want to find a new orange drink to give their astronautsHow They Really Look 112,058 views 8 Reasons You Are Morally Justified Operating Above The Law 56,925 views 10 Everyday Scenarios Where That Pie Is Clearly A Trap 364,208 views 4 Nightmare Apocalypses Humanity Forgot Were Possible To turn on reply notifications, click here 1070 Comments Votes Recent You Show Profanity Load Comments ↓ Continue Reading Below 4Keanu Reeves Did The Watcher Because Someone Forged His Signature Universal Pictures The Watcher, a 2000 film that approximately none of you have ever heard of, is about a battle of wits between FBI Special Agent James Spader and serial killer Keanu Reeves, with excitement that reaches the thrilling heights of a 10 percent score on Rotten TomatoesThe "Voldemort will mark him as his equal" part was a little trickier, but then again it wasn't clear how it related to Harry, either

And they actually found one The twists and turns come so fast you often can't even tell the difference between them and genuine production mistakes, and neither could the actors or the directorFor instance, at one point in this comedy film, a chainsaw-wielding maniac humorlessly slaughters a pregnant woman and her husbandMarvel StudiosOr come up with the most convoluted way ever to stop UltronWell here are some oddball, yet strangely plausible, alternate fan theories that in many cases actually improve the movie quite a bitIn the time it takes for you, the casual English-speaking viewer, to think, "I don't speak Swahili," you've already missed 25 principal actors get kicked to deathVon Trier's movies are so depressing and pretentious that Denmark invented LEGO to counterbalance him, and frequent Von Trier collaborator Stellan "Thor's Professor Pal" Skarsgard tricked Paul "Vision" Bettany into appearing in one by telling Bettany that filming would be a nonstop partyThe Horrible Aftermath: Except now the U.SLogin or Register Username Password Don't make me do this again Register Forgot Password? Sign in with Facebook 34be68fe79
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